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    The inspiration behind Perf comes from far away in time and space, creating a lamp which takes you by surprise with its personality: a domestic totem, a friend to follow us all around the home, a fascinating code of luminous openings to be deciphered. The starting point was the concept of perforated lamps as in the North African tradition, but designed with a contemporary fl avour, while being technological and innovative. All metal, light and easy to carry, Perf stands out at fi rst sight with its perforated diffuser in its heavily pronounced shape, bringing to mind the visor of a suit of armour or even an animal’s beak. These holes trace out a design fl ickering from regular to irregular, allowing the light passing through to create a hazy magical appearance, almost hypnotic in effect. A totally original luminous gesture, waiting to accompany you through all the different times of your life: the bedroom or living spaces, for reading or studying. Perf is also available as a wall lamp, or as a reading or table lamp, with adjustable diffuser, furnishing a light both suffused yet direc