A touch of 1920s mysticism combined with an echo of ancient architecture of a Mesopotamian temple breathes life into this compact form. Gask’s graphic form is the main characteristic of this new hanging lamp inspired by the Diesel Creative Team and brought to life by Foscarini.
The steel mount, with its rough and textured embossed black finish, is joined to the blown glass diffuser with exposed brass bolts, which recall the atmosphere of an old-fashioned hardware store, in a play of contrasting materials, inspirations and sensations. The diffuser is available in two versions, each with its own styling and lighting personality: milk white, for a warmer and more diffused lighting, or transparent grey, that lets you catch a glimpse of the light source inside, a contemporary touch with a high-tech flavour.
Gask is perfect either on its own or in groups, in a domestic environment or in large or small contract spaces.