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  • SAFADO  Style

    FEATURES: A distinctive low waist design that guarantees a compact effect and a "cool walk" (don't ask us what that is, just imagine it). The design of the thigh compliments the shape of your thighs. A hidden back pocket can be useful for concealing... well... whatever. REASON TO WEAR: A regular slim straight leg. But they have a style that stands between the tapered and the straight. They compliment your thigh with the low waist design, allowing you to have an edgier walk. For walking on hedges.

  • D.N.A. MUTATION  wash story

    These are the seasonal showcase of our most avant garde innovations in denim treatment. We worked hard to develop multi-layering technologies to colour and decolour the fabric, creating colours never ever ever seen in denim. Our top secret recipes create a constantly evolving third dimension, enhancing the garment and giving birth to unseen mutations of colour.

  • Size and fit   

    Model is wearing a size 31 and is 182 cm / 5'10''