• ZATINY 0074W
  • ZATINY 0074W
  • ZATINY 0074W
  • ZATINY 0074W
  • ZATINY 0074W
  • ZATINY 0074W
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  • ZATINY Modèle

    The back pockets are strategically designed and positioned to create a curved effect, for a sleeker and edgier back side. The regular fit and a wider end, combined with comfort and versatility truly define what is a vintage boot cut of today. These denim also have a leg that is slightly narrower at the bottom compared to our Zathan.
    You have boots right? Or maybe even just a fetish for boot cut denim? Well, these have a traditional vintage boot cut leg. You're welcome.

  • ESSENTIALS wash story

    Absolutely everything you would expect to find in a Diesel denim collection. The washes you expect, demand and desire to find in any denim collection worth its salt.
    Truly a denim for every occasion. From clean to treated. From dark to light. A denim for everyday. For everyhow. But not everybody.

    0074W wash details