• GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • GRUPEE-ZIP 0820U
  • Style
  • Teinte
  • GRUPEE-ZIP Style

    The rich details make this denim our most recognizable skinny masterpiece. They feature a leather coin pocket, angled fly design and a small slit on the bottom leg. They also have a low waist in the front, and a higher back. The back pocket design and positioning, lifts and compacts the derriere. And the bottom metal zip give them that hint of rock attitude.
    A distinctive skinny style, that avoids too much fabric folded at the bottom of the leg. You know, when your ankles are just showing, leaving the rest to imagination.

  • D.N.A. MUTATION wash story

    These are the seasonal showcase of our most avant garde innovations in denim treatment. We worked hard to develop multi-layering technologies to colour and decolour the fabric, creating colours never ever ever seen in denim.
    Our top secret recipes create a constantly evolving third dimension, enhancing the garment and giving birth to unseen mutations of colour.

    0820U wash details