• LARKEE 0074W
  • LARKEE 0074W
  • LARKEE 0074W
  • LARKEE 0074W
  • LARKEE 0074W
  • LARKEE 0074W
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  • LARKEE Style

    Our quintessential style in the Diesel denim collection, and the most traditional and spacious fit in the season's collection. Our only denim with a 3D eagle embroidery on the back pockets, they provide spacious room for the thigh that fit a wide range of body structures. The leg falls perfectly straight from knee to bottom. With all that space giving them a relaxed look.
    Regular fit and straight leg. Ideal for when you want to put on a classic and easygoing fit. One of our oldest styles in the collection. And yet, still a style that can be worn by anyone today.

  • ESSENTIALS wash story

    Absolutely everything you would expect to find in a Diesel denim collection. The washes you expect, demand and desire to find in any denim collection worth its salt.
    Truly a denim for every occasion. From clean to treated. From dark to light. A denim for everyday. For everyhow. But not everybody.

    0074W wash details