• TEPPHAR 0800W
  • TEPPHAR 0800W
  • TEPPHAR 0800W
  • TEPPHAR 0800W
  • TEPPHAR 0800W
  • TEPPHAR 0800W
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  • TEPPHAR Style

    The slimmest leg in the carrot family. The most distinctive detail is the asymmetric yoke, creating an unusual balance when walking. The tight end make your legs slimmer and longer, great for formal shoes. A low crotch and short front fly are a superb combination for the carrot leg. The super stretch fabrics create a spacious leg while still maintaining a slimmer end.
    Will it ever be trendy to say the word trendy? Probably not. These are our most trendy carrot style denim. Yep the stretch fabric makes for trendy looks while maintaining comfort.

  • ESSENTIALS wash story

    Absolutely everything you would expect to find in a Diesel denim collection. The washes you expect, demand and desire to find in any denim collection worth its salt.
    Truly a denim for every occasion. From clean to treated. From dark to light. A denim for everyday. For everyhow. But not everybody.

    0800W wash details